Reminder of the tube blocks and big waste items

Based on failure reports, most of the problems concerning the tubes occur because of blockages.

Blockages mean that there are too big waste bags or other large items stuffed into the tubes. Resolving these clogs mean that maintenance needs to be called on site.

Tubes for mixed waste and plastic packages are designed only for waste that is sizewise suitable in traditional plastic bags. Biowaste should be always packed in biodegradable bag. A strong recommendation for all bags is that they are not fully packed. Remember to leave 1/3 empty to ensure effortless passage in the system. Tubes for paper and cardboard are happy to receive designated wastes in small amounts and without any bags.

Larger than before mentioned recyclable waste items must be taken to a sorting room and into the designated waste bins except electrical and hazardous waste.

Please note: It is not allowed to place any large waste items, eg. sofas or beds, outside the bins!

Thank You!